Once you have registered for the Scotiabank AIDS Walk Toronto, you can begin to personalize your fundraising page. Our team has discovered that 96% of people who did this received donations! Here are a few of the ways in which you can customize your fundraising page:

Sign into your Participant Centre

Tell your story. Each person walking on September 10th has their own unique story. The AIDS Walk is an opportunity for people to honour and remember loved ones, and to show support for those that are with us. Why do you walk?

Captivate visitors with a title and photos. Customizing the title of your fundraising page notifies all visitors who you are and why you are walking in the AIDS Walk. You can also upload personal photos onto your fundraising page too.

Set a fundraising goal. There is no minimum (or maximum!) fundraising goal for the AIDS Walk. Set a goal that is both challenging, yet achievable. You can adjust your fundraising goal whenever you want.

Click here to download these tips for Personalizing your Fundraising Page.