Set a Fundraising Goal

There is no minimum fundraising goal for the Scotiabank AIDS Walk Toronto, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t challenge yourself. Can you beat how much you raised last year? Be competitive with fellow walkers and team members, see who can raise the most for ACT’s vital HIV prevention, education and outreach programs in Toronto. Your goal should be both achievable and challenging.

Set up your online Participant Centre

Once you have registered for the Scotiabank AIDS Walk Toronto, you will have access to a variety of fundraising tools through your Participant Centre. To learn how to set up your personal pledge page and how to fully take advantage of all the fundraising tools offered to you click here.

Fundraising Steps to Success!

  1. Put your best foot forward: Before asking for others support, sponsor yourself. Others will see your commitment to the Scotiabank AIDS Walk Toronto and make donations in relation to what you have donated to yourself.
  2. Make it personal: A personalized message shows your potential donors why you walk, and increases the likelihood of them donating to your fundraising efforts. Personalize your Participant Centre, e-mails and social media appeals.
  3. Develop a list of folks to ask: Family, Friends, Coworkers, Club Members, Neighbours, Strangers…. Don’t leave anyone out! If you know the individual you are soliciting donations from, try and ask for a specific amount, and aim high!
  4. Double your donation, double the impact: Many companies offer a Matching Gift Program that will match charitable contributions made by their employees. To see if your company offers such program click here.
  5. Be prepared: Make sure you have pledge forms on you at all times. You never know who you may bump into. If you would like additional materials such as Scotiabank AIDS Walk Toronto Postcards, you can email Justin Cordeaux here to schedule a time to stop by the ACT offices to pick some up.
  6. Get social: Social Media is your friend, and you should use it to your advantage. Post about your progress, solicit donations and tag and thank individuals who have already supported you. If you’re part of a team, why not create a team page?
  7. Thank you’s: Don’t forget to thank those who sponsor you! Check your online pledge page frequently and call folks who have supported you.

Ideas to raise money

Feeling stuck? Still shy of your fundraising goal? Try some of these easy and fun ways to help you raise some additional funds!

  • Bake Sale: A classic fundraiser, hosting a bake sale is a great way to indulge in some sweet treats while raising funds.
  • Host a Party: It’s summer time which is a great excuse to gather friends and family and host a party. Instead of a host gift, why not have your guests sponsor you for the walk?
  • Donation Box: Ask if you can leave a donation box at your offices reception or cafeteria room. You’d be surprised how quickly loose change adds up.
  • Casual Friday on a Wednesday: Ask your company to allow a causal dress day in support of the AIDS Walk for a minimum donation of $5 per person.
  • Summer Birthday: Why not forgo receiving birthday gifts this year, and ask for friends and family to make a donation and support your fundraising efforts for the AIDS Walk.
  • Red Ribbon Event: Contact your favourite bar or restaurant and encourage them to hold a Red Ribbon Event in support of the Scotiabank AIDS Walk Toronto. For more details, contact Melanie Castillo here.