Donate to the AIDS Walk Toronto

Donate to an individual walker, a specific team or directly to the Scotiabank AIDS Walk Toronto. All online donations are tax receipted – you’ll receive an email with your tax receipt shortly after making your donation. Learn more about the impact your donation will make here.

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After you’ve registered for the Scotiabank AIDS Walk Toronto, it’s time to think about fundraising. Your fundraising team is here to help you with any questions you have, and can be reached at Let the following steps start you off on the right foot with your fundraising endeavours! We know you can reach YOUR fundraising goals and are here to support you in those goals.

1. Donate to your page.

To get your fundraising started, donate to yourself. Others will see your commitment to the Scotiabank AIDS Walk Toronto and make donations modeled after your own.

2. Ask family, friends, co-workers and neighbours.

Your family, friends, co-workers and neighbours will want to support a cause that is important to you. Start by letting them know about the AIDS Walk TO and ACT. Tell them about your personal fundraising goal and ask if they would like to donate to your personal fundraising page. You can direct them to your fundraising page by sharing the link.

3. Get Social and Share!

Share the link to your personal fundraising page through e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Through these platforms, you can connect to your personal fundraising page with friends, family, and co-workers instantly.
Share your personal page, post updates, and share photos.

Use the hashtag #AIDSWalkTO.

4. Get Creative with Fundraising!

Fundraising is not just about asking, it’s also about doing! Here are some ideas for your AIDS Walk Toronto fundraising:

Spare Change Jar: Create a “spare change jar” for your home or office, and encourage people to toss in spare change from their wallets, or from their coffee and lunch purchases.

Mark Your Milestones: Take a look at your personal fundraising goal and decide on milestones that you would like to reach and associate a task with it. For example: If I raise $20, I will wear a cape on Walk day! If I raise $50, I will wear a wig on Walk day! This can motivate your network to donate to take you to the next milestone – and be sure to post a photo of the final result!

Beyond the Bake Sale: We love bake sales, and we encourage you to host one if you are skilled in the kitchen. We have gathered some inspiration from bake sales and came up with other ideas:

     o Book Sale: Invite your co-workers to bring in gently used books and host a sale!

     o “Yard” Sale: Both at home and at work, you can compile all your preloved items and host a sale on your front yard or in a common      space at work.

     o Candy Gram: Encourage your co-workers to purchase a candy gram to send to a fellow co-worker. Too sweet!

     o Host a Dinner or Party: Host a dinner or a party, and encourage your guests to donate-what-you-can.

     o Inspire a Red Ribbon Event: Contact your favourite bar or restaurant and encourage them to host a Red Ribbon Event in support of      the AIDS Walk Toronto. For more details, contact Joelle Ferreira at

5. I just called to say, “Thank You!”

Along the way don’t forget to thank those who have donated to your fundraising way. You can say “thank-you” by giving your supporters a call, sending a text or e-mail, acknowledging them on social media, or sending a personalized greeting card.

Click here to download these Fundraising Fundamentals.